Track List

You're Having the Time of My Life

One Summer Last Fall

Air Traffic Control

Pale New Dawn

In The Summer's When You Really Know

Empty Picture Frame

Little Light

Your X-Rays Have Just Come Back from the Lab and We Think We Know What Your Problem Is

Milk and Apples

Mid-Day Anonymous


Orange Rhyming Dictionary

All Things Good and Nice

Jets To Brazil - Four Cornered Night (2xLP - Clear Vinyl)
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Record Label: Epitaph

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Consisting of ex-Jawbreaker frontman Blake Schwarzenbach, ex-Texas Is the Reason drummer Chris Daly, and ex-Handsome vocalist/guitarist Jeremy Chatelain, Jets to Brazil could be considered an amalgam of their forefathers with a slightly darker and more mature musical perspective.

With the 1998 release of their first LP, Orange Rhyming Dictionary, Jets to Brazil took the expectations of their peers and turned them on their heads, surprising most with their breed of music that is fresh and excitingly powerful. As the band members continue to move away from their namesakes and become more comfortable with their expanding sound, the world could see something quite intriguing evolve. Jets to Brazil followed up with Four Cornered Night in August 2000. Two years later, the band returned with their darkest, most inspirational material to date; Perfecting Loneliness was released in October 2002 and reflected mega-tight musicianship from the band. - All Music Guide