Track List

Love U Tho

It'll Be Clear

Through There


Berlin Backscratch

Take What You Need (From Me)

Tell Me (feat. Kat Khaleel & Dreadfro)

KBB (feat. ELOS)

Saving Grace (feat. Dreadfro)

Jincallo - Wish You The Best (Cassette)
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Record Label: New Los Angeles

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Gian Scott (better known as Jincallo) is a talented young musician and unnecessarily well kept secret. Residing in the 818, we have long enjoyed Jincallo's vivid releases from over the hills. The dreamy nature and animate percussion in his instrumentals make for some of the smoothest cuts in the city. He's graced the stages of Low End Theory and has played with the best of them. After years of following his sound, we're proud to be able to release one of his projects.

Wish You The Best is Jincallo's fourth official LP and is made entirely of 2014 experiences. We found it to be the type of project we got lost in as we worked ourselves into those Monday nights. After suffering the dreaded case of a fried MacBook, some of his favorite tracks were recovered and luckily ended up on his newest album. This full-length beat memoir can be purchased digitally on his Bandcamp right now. It features Gian's brother Dreadfro, as well as Kat Khaleel, and long-time collaborator/friend, ELOS.