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The Escape Of The Blvck Rxbbit (ft. Avril Stormy Unger)

Nyakinyua Rise

Jlin - Dark Lotus (EP - 12" Vinyl)
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Record Label: Planet Mu

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Jlin returns with the first fruits of her new work since last years ‘Free Fall’ EP. ‘Dark Lotus’ is a transition between ‘Dark Energy’, her debut album, and her forthcoming ‘Black Origami’ full-length.

A-side ‘Te Return of the Blvck Rxbbit (ft. Avril Stormy Unger)’ is the more traditional of the two tracks, starting off proceedings with a constantly switching rhythmic structure and a stop-start sweeping hoover stab panning between the speakers, descending bleeps and Avril's vocals cut into shapes and pushed through effects.

‘Nyakinyua Rise’ races headlong into uncharted territory, with a fierce barrage of djembe drums over pounding bass, punchy war cries and jubilant uluations that paint a tension between hot aggression and weightless ecstasy.