Studio Ghibli Records

Joe Hisaishi - Castle In The Sky: Soundtrack (LP - Import)


Japanese import, cell, gatefold, OBI strip, limited.

Soundtrack including the insert song ''Kimi o Nosete.'' Jacket image is the Tiger Moth, the airship of the Doras the air pirates appreared in ''Castle In The Sky''. Double jacket with duplicate cel of Pazu and Sheeta.

The Girl Who Fell From The Sky

Morning In The Slag Ravine

A Rowdy Brawl (Pursuit)

Memories Of Gondoa

Discouraged Pazu (Shitsui No Pazu)

Robot Soldier (Resurrection - Rescue)

Carrying You (Chorus Version)

Sheeta's Decision

On The Tiger Moth

An Omen To Ruin

A Sea Of Clouds In The Moonlight

Castle In The Sky

Destruction Of Rapyuta (Chorus / Suginami Children's Choir)

Carrying You