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Jonathan Brown - Aggressively Vulnerable (LP)

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One-of-a-kind Aggressively Vulnerable vinyl record with book. 

So much of what happens in music is about the putting on of armor. The artist plays a character rather than acting sincerely. This album gets its title because it achieves exactly the opposite. The art takes off its armor. There is no character. 

It’s academic. It’s colloquial. It’s a misfit toy that doesn’t fit in easily. It’s hard to categorize. It’s so very New Orleans, and so very not New Orleans simultaneously.

It’s hip hop. It’s spoken word. It’s poetry. It’s ambitious. It’s honest. It’s a banger. 


Wash That Chicken

Be Careful


I'm Possible

They Know

Beth From Connecticut

The Red Wheelbarrow


Andy Warhol

The Grades We Earn

Elizabeth Gilbert