Track List


Building The Deathcoaster

Give Me Some Sugar / Bone'anza

Time Traveller

Ash Splits

Little Ashes

Ash In Chains

Night Court

The Forest Of The Dead / Graveyard

The Pit

God Save Us

Foul Thing

March Of The Dead

Whites Of Their Skulls

The Deathcoaster

On The Parapet

Ash Bucklers


Soul Swallower

Manly Men

End Titles

Joseph LoDuca & Danny Elfman ‎– Army Of Darkness: Original Motion Picture Soundtrack (2xLP)
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Record Label: Mondo

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Pressed on 180 Gram Black Vinyl. Comes with a surprise of 9 cutout Mini Evil Ash's.

Just in time for the next chapter in the Evil Dead saga (TV series Ash Vs. The Evil Dead) Mondo is proud to release the soundtrack Sam Raimi's Army Of Darkness. 

Returning along side star Bruce Campbell, is masterful composer Joe LoDuca who also crafted the terrifying scores to the first and second Evil Dead. Like the film, LoDuca's score to Army Of Darkness is an ambitious blending of genre that was ahead of its time. Part swashbuckling adventure, part horror, part comedy, Army Of Darkness saw LoDuca reaching new heights with his composing which would later become his forte, as he bounced back and forth between composing Horror films and adventure televisions series such as Hercules and Spartacus.