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Josephine Foster - Fairy Faithful Harmony (2xLP)

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Faith and Fate, Destiny and Devotion, Dark Nights and Dazed Illuminations. Josephine raises a stained-glass lamp and shepherds us spelunking the depths of spirit in this four-part double album. Following the fame of her voice are choruses of winged entities (and a space shuttle) that ascend and descend a maze of spirituals: ritual prayers, blues laments, vestal hymns and jubilant benedictions.


1 Soothsayer Song

2 A Little Song

3 The Virgin of the Snow

4 Pearl in Oyster

5 Benevolent Spring

6 Force Divine

7 All Pales Next to You

8 Lord of Love

9 Eternity

10 Indian Burn

11 Peak of Paradise

12 Adieu Color Adieu

13 Pining Away

14 Challenger

15 I Was Glad

16 Shepherd Moon of Starry Height

17 Little Lamb

18 Faithful Fairy Harmony