Track List

Freaking Out


Go To The Club Alone

Destruction and Redemption

Guts and Tension

Lifers and Losers

Permanent Brain Damage

No Good Way To Grow Up

Freaked Out American Loser

Juiceboxxx - Freaked Out American Loser (LP)
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Record Label: Dangerbird

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With his new album Freaked Out American Loser, Milwaukee-bred alternative punk/rap artist Juiceboxxx has harnessed a timeless energy, combining rap and hardcore with inexorable emotional honesty and unyielding commitment. Freaked Out American Loser is a punk rap blast that captures the anarchic, aggressive spirit of Juiceboxxx's live show while also adding a new level of polish, focus, and dare we say, professionalism. Songs like "Guts and Tension" and "Destruction and Redemption" place the listener in the middle of the pit, blazing with frenetic guitar and thick energy. "Freaking Out" and "Go To the Club Alone" display dexterous rap skill and a heavier hip hop feel while retaining a jittery post-punk edge. And the album-closing eponymous track even brings to mind the melodic chime and epic codas of the Pixies.

A veteran of the underground art, rap and punk scenes, over a 15-year career Juiceboxxx has honed both his lyrical flow and a truly singular vision that is always looking forward with infectious positivity cloaked in a disarming shroud of dead-end desperation. A classic American urgency runs through the music of Juiceboxxx. He connects the dots between garage rock and Baltimore Club, classic rock and classic rap. Def Jam and "Jack And Diane." Existing simultaneously on the margins of many different scenes has allowed Juiceboxxx to develop a singular voice that is always moving forward. In a world of fly by night sensations, Juiceboxxx has put in the time to create something that he can call his own.