Track List



I Remember

Rockin' Back Inside My Heart

Mysteries Of Love

Into The Night

I Float Alone

The Nightingale

The Swan

The World Spins

Julee Cruise ‎- Floating Into The Night (LP - 180 Gram Vinyl Reissue)
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Record Label: Plain Recordings

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Floating Into the Night is the 1989 debut album by vocalist Julee Cruise featuring songs written and produced by composer Angelo Badalamenti and film director David Lynch. The songs "Falling" and "Rockin' Back Inside My Heart"' were both featured in Lynch's cult television series "Twin Peaks," and "Into the Night," "The Nightingale," and "The World Spins" also appeared in the show.

The instrumental version of "Falling" was the theme song for "Twin Peaks" while the album as a whole is almost an unofficial soundtrack to the series. The track "Mysteries of Love" was prominently featured in Lynch's classic film "Blue Velvet." Cruise's dreamy, light vocals match perfectly with the music and lyrics to make this album sound like it is unattached to any era. Reissued on 180-gram vinyl.