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K-Def - Looking For The Perfect Break Vol. 2 (LP)


Looking For The Perfect Break Volume 2 is a nearly 40 minute mixtape on vinyl by DJ K-Def. If you’re familiar with his Perfect Break Volume 1, you know what to expect here. If this is your first time hearing a K-Def mix, do not expect to hear the same old sounds that you often hear on break mixes. Instead, K is showing off some of his personal favorites including many impossible to find sounds and rare grooves from his vast record collection, mixing in and out of songs at a rapid pace. This record is a must have for folks who appreciate good music as well musicians/producers seeking new sounds and inspiration.

About K-Def
K-Def is a New Jersey based hip-hop DJ and producer who’s been on a major run this past year, successfully releasing several new records on CD, Vinyl, Cassette (One Man Band, Perfect Break Vol 1, The Exhibit, etc) and even some re-issues from his back catalog (Real Live, World Renown). K-Def is a humble gentleman who prefers to speak with his music, so young hip-hop listeners and recent fans may not be fully aware of his place in hip-hop history. When he was a budding producer in the early-mid 90s, K was the protege to the production legend Marley Marl and was also a regular DJ on the airwaves via Marley’s Pirate Radio station. K-Def went on to produce several undeniable hip-hop classics including LOTUG’s Chief Rocka and Funky Child, and has worked with rap icons like LL Cool J, Heavy D, Black Rob, Mic Geronimo, P Diddy, Ghostface, Blu and other greats. Needless to say, the man knows a thing or two about records and music production.

Side A. Nearly 20 minutes of breaks & rare grooves seamlessly mixed by the Legendary K-Def

Side B. Nearly 20 minutes of breaks & rare grooves seamlessly mixed by the Legendary K-Def