Redefinition Records

K-Def - The Meeting (Black & White Vinyl LP)


Following on the success of his recent One Man Band and Exhibit LPs, K-Def is back yet again with an all new EP featuring a solid batch of dark and moody instrumentals alongside a handful of thought provoking verses/cameos. The Meeting finds the ever prolific producer collaborating with an all star cast of mcs including Blu (Blu & Exile), Insight (Y Society), Has-Lo (Mello Music Group) and Kaimbr (Kev Brown/Low Budget Records). Clocking in at just under 20 minutes, this is a dark and moody record that moves fast and epitomizes the concept of Quality Over Quantity.

The Meeting (Vocal Version) featuring Blu

The Reason (Instrumental)

Goblin Powers (Instrumental)

Keep Em Guessin’ (Instrumental)

Some Weird Ish (Instrumental)

Riot Material (Vocal Version) featuring Has-Lo, Kaimbr & Insight

Horror (Instrumental)

The Meeting (Instrumental)