Track List

Heart (Prod. by Sir Froderick)

Shadow (Prod. by Digi G’Alessio)

Name (prod. Troubled Minds Cabin Crew)

Soul (prod. Colossius)

Spark (prod. Negrosaki)

Spark (Mister Bibal Remix)

Spark (2000 Remix)

Spark (Sven Atterton Remix)

Kae - Five Parts Of The Soul (LP)
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Record Label: Cascade Records

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Limited to 300.

“Five Parts of the Soul is inspired by the ancient egyptian concept of the Soul, which says that a human soul was made up of five parts: Heart, Shadow, Name, Soul and Spark.

5POTS is a five-part journey into the past, passing through desolate canyons and scorching deserts, obscure rain forests and crowded thrift markets. 

All of the songs have different styles and takes on what Soul music could be.”