Track List

Hang Out

PS Come Back

A Hole In My Life

Let Me Try

I Think It’s All Right


Once Upon A Time There Was A World

A New Man

I’m Crazy

I’m Here, He’s Gone, She’s Cryin’

Kaleidoscope - Kaleidoscope (LP + Download Card)
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Record Label: Now Again

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One of the great psychedelic rock albums is finally back in print on vinyl in a band-licensed reissue. Its roots are in Puerto Rican teenage garage rockers; it was recorded in the Dominican Republic at the high-point of the flower power era; it was only ever pressed in a miniscule run in Mexico.

Now one of the most sought after rock artifacts on the planet, Kaleidoscope is remastered and reissued with an extensive, photo-filled booklet with the story of the band and their album by historian Enrique Rivas Viniegra.