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Eight Demons of the Demon Clan





Devil Shadow

To Those Who Face The Wind




Struggle to the Death

Somewhere, Faraway, Everyone is Listening to a Ballad

Kaoru Wada - Ninja Scroll: Original Soundtrack (LP - Red/Black Smoke Vinyl)
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Record Label: Milan Entertainment

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“Ninja Scroll is a champion of anime and belongs in the upper echelons of its history.” – Cine-Vue

Ninja Scroll is the landmark 1993 anime film from Yoshiaki Kawajiri (Vampire Hunter D: Bloodlust, The Animatrix). Set in feudal Japan, the wandering ninja mercenary Jubei becomes drawn into the plot of eight demons plotting to overthrow the Shogun. Groundbreaking in its depictions of swordplay and animated action sequences, Ninja Scroll stands with Akira and Ghost in the Shell as a classic of the genre. Kaoru Wada’s timeless score frames Jubei’s adventure across a fantastical Japan with a stirring mix of brass, trembling strings, and traditional woodwinds.

Milan Records is proud to give Ninja Scroll the vinyl treatment such a classic release deserves. Pressed on a single transparent red vinyl accented by black smoke and housed in a dress jacket with original artwork by Yuji Kaida, Kaoru Wada’s timeless score has never been presented more beautifully. This striking production is limited to 500 units!