Dome Of Doom

Kenny Segal - Kenstrumentals Vol. 3: Travelog (Cassette)


"For this third installment of the Kenstrumentals beat tape series I decided to theme it off my recent travels. Last year found me in New Zealand and Taiwan, as well as all over the Pacific Northwest on tour. I saw and experienced a lot of crazy stuff and its definitely influenced the music I've been making lately!"

-Kenny Segal

sign of the times

no cares

buddhas on buddhas on buddhas

morning stash


for you (feat. Mr Carmack)

blb [swisher edition]

no selling [dub]

silly (feat. Promnite)

nah yeah

level up [rich eater dub]

yeah nah (feat. Eureka The Butcher)


magician [dub] (feat. Ryan Crosby)

sleepy isle (feat. The Jefferson Park Boys)