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Kev Brown - Minneapolis Joints (LP)
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Record Label: KB Records

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Landover, Maryland’s Kev Brown continues his shockwave of new music with his 4th vinyl release of 2018. From carrying PG County on his back and arguably saving hip-hop with his solo albums Homework and Fill in the Blank, the producer/MC made sure the world knows who he is. Never a dull moment in his timeline, he introduced a series of beat tapes with his Delve into Classic Moog as the first. The latest sees Kev Brown leaving the east coast to sample the sights and sounds in the midwest, specifically Minneapolis, Minnesota.

Aptly titled, Minneapolis Joints, it is 100% instrumental and proves to be a surprising yet adventurous direction in his ongoing series. With such a strong legacy spearheaded by “You know who: The Artist” himself, Kev took inspiration from the whole Minneapolis scene and the results are nothing short of brilliant. One may ask why a producer like Brown known for his own trademark sound would venture into someone else’s bag. The answer is pretty simple. A good friend, DJ Iran nominated Kev with the challenge of fusing the iconic 80’s era Minneapolis grooves into the Kev Brown universe. To commemorate the special occasion, this rare moment is  captured on vinyl as part of Black Friday RSD 2018. Limited quantities are available and based on the performance of Kev’s previous titles, don’t expect vinyl copies of this album to sit around.