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Kinder - Tourney (Cassette)

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Michael D. White aka Kinder was born in Austin, TX. He’s member of the collective, Exploded Drawing and he can and does play every instrument under the sun.

A sonic architect, interior thought designer, storm writer and other-worldly educator, who’s designed more than a few structures, 532 of which have been completed in the last ten years of his life. He believes in designing structures that are in harmony with humanity and its environment, a philosophy of nature’s architecture never resting.

This is best exemplified on his new LP, titled “Tourney”, an album which has been used to call on family passed, souls lost, as well as fostering a deep meditative state to explore the inner-self. He’s a leader of movement in audio architecture. He has developed the concept of ‘the reversible home’, his unique vision for using central auditory geometry in his writing and recording, is meant to allow listeners to easily experience “Tourney” as a collection of nonobjective geometric paintings. By taking an imaginary walk from the top level of a building without edges down the slowly descending, central spiral ramp, the floor of which is embedded with circular shapes and triangular light fixtures.

All of that is to say, from his last self-titled LP from 2012 to where this lands him on the current map, we really don’t know who he is anymore. And we couldn’t be happier. This trip into house, techno, hip-hop, soul and thunder and rain and reverb soaked Sonic Youth feedback, through a man at 28 years old, who now lives in a small Texas town, called San Marcos.

For fans of Moodymann, Harmonic 313, Theo Parrish, Unwound, Kyle Hall, Sonic Youth

Tourney (intro)

And Again

Wasn’t Serious

Sun and…. (ft. Lo Phi)


Bells (album version)

So What



Common Sense (Casual)

To Mind (Forlorn)




Whirlpool prt. 2 (Outro)