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King Diamond - Fatal Portrait (LP - Picture Disc)

King Diamond - Abigail (LP - Picture Disc)

King Diamond - Them (LP - Picture Disc)

King Diamond - Fatal Portrait/Abigail/Them (Bundle - 3xLP - Picture Disc)
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Record Label: Metal Blade

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Limited Edition Pressings. First time available on PICTURE DISC!

Over the course of more than thirty years, among innumerable trends, ebbs and flows of the music industry, King Diamond remains as one of the most prolific and important figures in METAL. With a career so extensive, anniversaries of note, as well as many of his conyemporaries, have come and gone, but in 2018, King Diamond, the man and the band, celebrates the past as few acts scan. For the first time ever, KING DIAMOND's complete catalog is being made available on PICTURE DISCS, starting with arguably THE BAND'S most seminal releases; "Fatal Portrait" (1986), "Abigail" (1987) and "Them" (1988).