Track List

I'm In Your Mind

I'm Not In Your Mind


I'm In Your Mind Fuzz


Hot Water

Am I In Heaven?

Slow Jam 1

Satan Speeds Up

Her And I (Slow Jam 2)

King Gizzard & The Lizard Wizard - I'm In Your Mind Fuzz (LP)
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Record Label: Castleface

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4 clicks and we’re off - galloping through realms on a phase-shifted, hydra-headed, many armed and muscular monster. This Australian beast of a band with a bear of a name and a thick herd of band members delivers many things to us on this warped song cycle - a skeleton of propulsive kraut-beat fleshed out with a liberal dose of citric sweetness, flutes and harmonicas bleeding through the mix often and welcomingly, tons of wah and a hero’s journey/Heavy Metal early 80’s fantasy sort of vibe, and many lovely left turns into psychedelic mellowing, both groovily and sometimes with just a dash of DMT dread. The whole thing is just gooey with tape manipulations, phase shifts, and saturations, but there are clearly many tasty tidbits that bubble to the top, and they’re sticky.