Track List

Porcelain feat. Hollis

The Fuel feat. Akie Bermiss

Excitement feat. Andrew Thomas Reid

Crazy Is Beautiful feat. Nevaeh

Live Forever feat. Dice Raw

Jump feat. Akie Bermiss

Patience feat. Denitia

Plane Ticket feat. The Grand Concourse

Koncept & J57 - The Fuel EP (CD)
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Record Label: Kon57 Records

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Koncept & J57 create earnest Big Apple stadium bangers that carry a deep emotional resonance while still keeping the party rockin’. They were weaned on crate digging and local deep cuts, but have always kept one foot in the mainstream. It was this deep immersion into NYC’s hip-hop scene that brought the two together. Lyrically, Koncept delivers intimately biographical rhymes that explore where he’s at now by dissecting his past. His friend and cohort J57 adds his A-game production to the mix in a sweeping tapestry of boombap revival, orchestral synths & clever hooks. Now, as an ambitious producer/emcee team, the young veterans are ready to take their epic, relentless sound to the masses.

In the wake of this incendiary performance, Red Bull Music chose Koncept as part of its artist development and discovery program SoundSelect. With this platform in mind, Koncept & J57 refocused their energies on music that would resonate with a wider audience. The result is their new EP The Fuel—a riveting underdog tale told as if the duo is looking back on its legacy a la ESPN’s SportsCentury. Fired up, Koncept details his hip-hop hustle over J57’s big-statement music, the whole affair filled with ecstatic anticipation for the real-life successes on the horizon.

With The Fuel, these rising artists build on their underground hiphop success, proving that in addition to being technically proficient (as they’d already displayed with Brown Bag AllStars), they’re also capable of adding a strong emotional core to their music.