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Kool Keith ‎- Sex Style: 20th Anniversary Edition (Cassette)


Limited edition 20th anniversary reissue of Kool Keith's impossibly raunchy, "porno-core" 1997 classic, Sex Style. Limited to 100 copies worldwide.

He comes in many forms and many incarnations, but his style is distinctly his own. Just as there's no mistaking his smooth lyrical delivery and searing hip-hop prose with its underlying edgy beats, there's no denying the incredible force that is Kool Keith. Whether as a founding member of the legendary Ultramagnetic MCs, or in the guises of his renegade rap personas Dr. Octagon and Dr. Dooom, Keith has established himself as an innovative lyricist whose erudite raps push the envelope to the limit. When Keith Teams up with KutMasta Kurt on the production - they arguably create the best albums in his catalog.


Sex Style

Don't Crush It

Make Up Your Mind

Sly We Fly (feat. Noggin Nodders)

Plastic World (feat. P-I-RE-X)

Stuck On Pussy Drive

Regular Girl

The Mack Is Back

What's He Like?

Still The Best (feat. P-I-RE-X)

In Your Face

Lick My Ass

Keep It Real...Represent '96

Little Girls

After The Club

Lovely Lady