Junkadelic Music

Kool Keith - Total Orgasm (3xCD - Box Set + Condom)


Junkadelic Music, Kool Keith and Fat Beats are proud to present the “Total Orgasm” trilogy. This 3xCD collector box set includes the first three volumes of Kool Keith’s infamous sex rap mixtape series. 56 rare, exclusive and unreleased tracks produced by Kool Keith aka Number One Producer, co-produced, mixed, remixed and scratched by the one and only DJ Junkaz Lou (Kool Keith’s “Demolition Crash”, “Love & Danger” and “Tashan Dorrsett”).

Included is an exclusive “Total Orgasm” condom specially designed for you to enjoy those 3 hours of madness in all safety.

  • “Porno dialog samples, space age pimpin’, alien probin’, raunchy lyrics await. Another explicit adults-only affair as only Kool Keith Keith can deliver” (Egotrip)
  • “Brimming with moans and songs titles that’ll make your momma disappointed, Total Orgasm is definitely not intended for kiddie ears” (FRANK 151)
  • “If you’re a fan of spooky boom-bap and cryptic mumbling, you’re in the right place” (Fact Mag)
  • “The father of weird raps offers an eclectic array of songs that reintroduce the strange, eccentric rhymes lamented over boom-bap-esque beats with an occasional yell and screech in the background” (Hypetrack)

The Ultra Legendary (Intro)


Fat Pussy

Jedi Supreme Ft. Big Sche Eastwood

Acura Ft. AG

Locka Locka

R.I.P Dr Octagon (Death Certificate Rmx)

Slam Dunk

Total Orgasm

Extra Thoughts Ft. The I.M.O

Nice Nasty

Flash Gordon

Belly Out

Bootys Low Ft Big Sche Eastwood

Bobby Black


Total Orgasm 2 (Intro)

New York Bitches

Get It While U Can

Lyrical Exercise

Ain’t Sweet

Ass In My Face

G - Something

Vacation Spot

Fly Star

Balls Out

Heavy Champagne

Answer Phone

Staring My Face

Tears Ft. Metropolis

How You Want It

Hotel Night

MC New York


Orgasmic Intro

Rude & Arrogant

Masterbate Girl

Run This

Tag Team

Tight Pants, Skinny Legs


Never Pay Cheap Pussy

All Star


Dick In Her Ass

Forever Mine

Deal Closer (Junkadelic Mix)

Spit, Spit, Spit

Stanky Azz Pussy

Pussy On The Beach


Fuck Em They Old Skool

Everybody Wanna Be Pregnant