Track List

Orgasm Addict (intro)

Presidential Rolex

Hater Proof Ft. Ice T

Did You Wash Your Dick Today

Major Bounce Ft. Dane Uno


Momma Butt

Finger Pop Ft. DJ Junkaz Lou


Porno Mi

Skreet Smart Ft. Big Sche Eastwood, Dolla Bill & Psycolistic

Crack A Bottle Ft. Woozy



Rick James (Skit)


You Always On The Phone

Bangkok Ft. Ice T

Bring Me Down Ft. Dane Uno

Patty Cake

Warm Inside Ft. Franc Bacon

Kool Keith - Total Orgasm 4 (Cassette)
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Record Label: Junkadelic Music

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"Total Orgasm 4" is the new volume of Kool Keith's critically acclaimed mixtape series. 21 exclusive and unreleased tracks mixed and scratched by DJ/Producer Junkaz Lou (Kool Keith's "Tashan Dorrsett", "Love & Danger", "Demolition Crash") and produced by Kool Keith aka the "Number One Producer". Guest starring Hip-Hop legend Ice T and additional productions by Mr. Sche, Junkaz Lou, Ray West, Ocean Ave and Citizen Chance. This ltd edition cassette is definitely another masterpiece for your collection. Keep away from kids and co-workers, this is absolutely NSFW.

Kool Keith lays down another award winning mixtape that sets the bar high for people tryna brick his balls"" (TinyMixtapes)

"More pornographic weirdness to keep away from the kiddies." (egotrip)

"Kool Keith Penetrates Our Eardrums With Total Orgasm 4” (Insomniac Magazine)