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Laurel 'Lorenzo' Aitken - Perfidia b/w Mi Vida Sin Tu Amor (7")


Laurel Aitken, worldwide known as The Godfather of Ska, was famous by pioneering Jamaican music through several decades: he was one of the first Jamaican artists recording R&B, Calypso, Ska, Rock Steady and Reggae. His releases were counted by hundreds, probably the most prolific artist from the West Indies Island. But Laurel Aitken was born in Cuba in the twenties and emigrated to Jamaica at the age of 8. Since he never went back to Cuba his Spanish was always fluent, he never stopped talking his mother language and one of his dreams was recording an album in Spanish.

That dream came in 1.999 when he was in his seventies and met Toni Face from Liquidator Music and recorded the album in Spain with Los Skarlatines as backing band (with whom he also toured and performed). From this recordings were released his album ‘En Español’, featuring old Laurel Aitken’s songs sung for the first time in Spanish, plus some Latin all-time classics and also fresh new stuff. We are proud to release for the Record Store Day 2018 this fantastic 45 featuring two tracks that were never been released before in this format. On the A side there is ‘Perfidia’, a Latin classic song that was also recorded by some Jamaican artists in English in the sixties, in this recording Laurel gives the song a completely new groove, a danceable Latin-Ska anthem. On the flip side we can find ‘Mi Vida Sin Tu Amor’, a Laurel’s own composition that he wrote in the late 90’s. On July 17th 2015 Laurel sadly passed away, we will never forget him and will always have his music that will pass through the new generations.


Mi Vida Sin Tu Amor