Dirt Style Records

Le Jad - Stereotor Break (LP)


In the world DJ battles, there's only a few brands that constantly resonates with battle records; DJ QBert and Dirtstyle Records in the 90s and Le JAD with the Scratch Science camp within the past decade. Without stepping into the actual DJ battles, Le JAD quickly established himself as the "winning sound" and the most in-demand producer in the DMC Championships by working with countless DJs (Rafik, Unkut, etc.) that have gone on to win the prestigious title.

Stereotor Break is Le JAD's first collaboration with Dirtstyle. And for the first time , he brings his unique production style to the USA with a flurry of Stereophonic skratch samples; carefully picked and meticulously edited into the future sounds that battle DJs know him for. This is a must-have for any DJ looking for a piece of Le JAD's production brilliance - the future of turntablism. Limited to 1000 copies worldwide.

Side A contains Stereophonic skipless skratch samples.

Side B contains Traktor's MK2 Control Tone for Traktor Scratch Pro.