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Release The Stress

Release The Stress (instrumental)

Release The Stress (bass Link A)

Release The Stress (bass Link B)

Release The Stress (accapella)

Mellow Blow

Mellow Blow (instrumental)

Release The Stress (remix)

Release The Stress (remix Instrumental)

Lewis Parker - Release The Stress (12")
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Record Label: KingUnderground Records

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After spending 13 years in Queens, New York, Lewis Parker returned to London in early 2015. Release The Stress is the first new material released since his return. The topic of the song is fairly self explanatory dealing with the everyday pressure of living, in a fast pace modern city environment. Lewis speaks on he's production and how he balances this with day to day life. The production captures the feel of the classic 90's hip hop but with a polished and very musical feel to it. Phat gritty SP drums, deep hypnotic bass lines, lush strings, catchy flutes, a dope late night sax, ill synths and wah guitars make this production up there with Lewis's best work.