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Triste Twist

Karamel Kuss

Lisbonne - Triste Twist b/w Karamel Kuss (7")
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Record Label: Choi Division

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“Triste Twist” is a lovely piece of French dream pop that glides by on Marlet’s vocals and production that packs a subtle punch yet feels sweet as a kiss.  – Oliver Wang

Choidivision is a boutique, independent record label, founded by DJ Choimatic. We specialize in limited release 7” vinyl singles starring everyone from French pop icons to local NYC legends. Choidivision's selection of artists and releases will elevate any music fan's record collection and with multiple releases scheduled for 2019, this will be the one opportunity for collectors, casual fans, and anyone with a thirst for good music to get in on the ground floor.

Lisbonne is the latest nom de plume of French artist Marie Merlet, who has previously recorded as Iko Chérie and Zooey. She may not be household name in the U.S. (yet) but she’s a long-time collaborator with Laetitia Sadier of Stereolab and Monade and Merlet has spent years putting together dreamy and delicate pop music with a sophisticated musical and visual identity. Her quirky aesthetic is undeniably French in origin yet has global appeal and this single represents her debut U.S. release.

"Triste Twist" (side A) is a sensual yet melancholic duet, recorded with eighties pop icon Rachel Ortas, originally commissioned by the Parisian boutique, Colette,  for a Valentine’s Day compilation. "Karamel Kuss" (side AA) is an ethereal slow dance with a nudge to France Gall's controversial song "Les Sucettes". With her vintage drum machines, Casio keyboards and guitars drenched in reverb, Lisbonne creates a soulful, sweet single that invites you into her unique soundspace.