Track List

The Calling


No Way (feat. Rebecca Nobel)


The Margin (feat. One Coco)

The One (feat. Olamide Faison)

Home (feat. Rebecca Nobel)


Helpless (feat. Olamide Faison)

One More Time (feat. Sangin Sara)

Neck Pillow (feat. Rebecca Nobel)

Olive Branch

Home (Live) (feat. Rebecca Nobel)

Locksmith - Olive Branch (CD)
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Record Label: Landmark Music

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"Olive Branch" is Locksmith's 3rd studio album, set for a worldwide release on March 31. It’s titled in the name of an olive branch which is often regarded as a symbol of peace or reconciliation. With this album, Locksmith has found both. The first single, "Agenda," tackles the roots of social injustice in our country. The follow up singles, "Nobody" and "No Way," are brash and emotional, respectively. “Olive Branch” is set to be Lock's most definitive work to date. The album features 13 new songs from the Bay area MC and freestyle champ.