Track List

Due Rent


Poor Git Da $$$

50 Cent (Skit)

Wurkn Class

Dj Khaled (Skit)

The Daze

The Fade...



Do U (Feat. Nikko Gray)


Potion (Feat. Versis)

B4 Da Crowns [Flip]




Kol’ Game

Pay Rent (Feat. Zeroh)

Kurb Talk

Northern Organix

Unemployed (Outro)

lojii & Swarvy - Due Rent (Cassette)
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Release Date: 6/16/2017
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Due Rent is a collaborative double album by solo artists lojii & Swarvy.

Written & recorded in the summer of 2016 in L.A. by the two Philadelphian transplants, lojii says “this tape is a score to being a broke nxgga in AmeriKKKa (emphasis on the KKK) – full of dreams and hustlin’ to make ‘em happen, but dealing with the everyday pressures of making ends meet. A.K.A trying to pay rent.”