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L'Orange & Jeremiah Jae - Complicate Your Life With Violence (CD)


Nearly four years since their last collaboration, producer-rapper duo L’Orange and Jeremiah Jae have revealed a new album, Complicate Your Life With Violence, out October 4th on Mello Music Group. The new record is a continuation of their 2015 concept album The Night Took Us In Like Family, which followed a 1940’s mob boss who let his guard down and was framed for murder. Today, they’ve revealed the first look and listen with “Dead Battery.”

The video for “Dead Battery” is set in a tripped-out film noir scene, focused on an interrogated revolutionary, tied up in the hot seat with Who Framed Roger Rabbit-esque illustrations. Laced with a wobbly guitar lick and a woozy beat, Jae asks the question: "Would you fight for me?"

The record continues similarly, falling in and out of menacing, lo-fi production with Jae leading listeners through a three-part story of recruitment, war, and its subsequent dark effects. It features collaborations with rap champions like Chester Watson, Zeroh, Lojii and billy woods, whose last album was called “one of the most compelling rap projects of the year” by the Fader.

When L’Orange and Jeremiah Jae released 2015's The Night Took Us In Like Family, they were subsequently deemed a “seamless pair” by Pitchfork, drawing comparisons to Earl Sweatshirt and MF Doom. Outside of their collaborative works with each other, Jae has produced for Flying Lotus, and L’Orange has worked on a series of premiere albums, including 2018’s Marlowe. L'Orange's music has been featured on Adult Swim, The Tonight Show, Red Bull, advertisements for Moet Champagne, Cinema Sins and more.

Part One: Introducing An Inconspicuous Man

Behavior Report

Say It All

Dead Battery

Part Two: Conscription Sentence

Summer Camp

Cool Hand (feat. Chester Watson)

Borrowed Brass (feat. Zeroh & Lojii)

Part Three: Hero Complex

My Everything Is Bulletproof

Clay Pigeons (feat. Billy Woods)

Devil's Piano

Part Four: Last One Left

After Alley Life

Ghost Town

The Light

Part Five: No Peace For The Peaceful