Track List

The Perfect World Radio Hour: Day 279

A World Without Music

The Scribe (feat. Akrobatik & DJ QBert)

The Perfect World Radio Hour: Day 304

Antique Gold (feat. Chester Watson)

The Gentle End

The Perfect World Radio Hour: Day 341

Strange Technology (feat. Akrobatik & Gonjasufi)

Five Lies About The World Outside (feat. Insight)

The Perfect World Radio Hour: Day 421

A Palace In The Sky

L'Orange & Mr. Lif - The Life & Death of Scenery (LP - Colored Vinyl + Download Card)
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Release Date: 11/11/16
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Scratches by DJ QBert, features from Gonjasufi, Akrobatik, Chester Watson & Insight. Narrated by Wyatt Cenac (Daily Show, Bojack Horseman)

Debuting on Adult Swim, two of the most conceptual and unusual alternative artists in underground hiphop have joined forces to tell an absurdist story of culture, art and oppression, set in a lighthearted dystopian future. As adventurous as the concept sounds, the album is musically grounded in hiphop fundamentals and off the wall lyricism. Joining the duo are artists like DJ QBert, Gonjasufi and Akrobatik. Wyatt Cenac (Daily Show, Bojack Horseman) lends his voice as the narrator of our story.