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L'Orange - The Orchid Days (CD)

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"A man fell in love. Then, the world was destroyed by an ever-growing nothing in the sky."

Through previous outputs, we’ve come to know L’Orange as a painter who only paints in dark shades, mixing in samples from a bygone era. The Orchid Days echoes with the harbingers of inevitable change. Love is not only a theme in this record, it might just be the pattern.

The Orchid Days seems to be L’Orange’s most revealing effort yet. “Eventually” will hypnotize you with feelings unrequited, “A Spring Like You,” will hold you with a longing for things as they were in another life long-forgotten. “The Orchard” will numb you with its falling beauty, and you’ll know that she’s worked you over, and you won’t even care anymore.

And all this is just the first of many courses that The Orchid Days puts forth. With each successive listen, notes of terror, wonder, paradise, oblivion sing in the shadows.X

Unreliable Narrator (feat. Erik Todd Dellums)

Second Person

Man of the Night (feat. Erica Lane)

The Pull of Warmth

Mind vs. Matter (feat. Homeboy Sandman)


A Spring Like You


Need You (feat. Blu)

For Those Who Don't

Will Wait


The Stars We're Made Of

Love Letter (feat. Jeremiah Jae)

Spilled Together

The Orchard

Like Nothing and Nobody

The End (feat. Billy Woods)

What Was LeftX