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Lord Finesse - Midas Era A Cappellas (LP - 180 Gram Vinyl)


What you have right here is 8 previously unavailable Lord Finesse A Cappellas. Heads know the deal with this record, with 4 joints from, Funky Technician, on Side A and 4 joints from, Return Of The Funky Man, on Side B. Limited to 250 copies pressed on 180 gram vinyl.

Baby You Nasty (A Cappella)

Back To Back Rhyming (A Cappella)

Keep It Flowing (A Cappella)

Slave To My Soundwave (A Cappella)

Isn’t He Something (A Cappella)

I Like My Girls With A Boom (A Cappella)

Stop Sweating The Next Man (A Cappella)

Fat For The 90s (A Cappella)