Track List

Baby You Nasty (A Cappella)

Back To Back Rhyming (A Cappella)

Keep It Flowing (A Cappella)

Slave To My Soundwave (A Cappella)

Isn’t He Something (A Cappella)

I Like My Girls With A Boom (A Cappella)

Stop Sweating The Next Man (A Cappella)

Fat For The 90s (A Cappella)

Lord Finesse - Midas Era A Cappellas (LP - 180 Gram Vinyl)
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Record Label: Slice of Spice

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What you have right here is 8 previously unavailable Lord Finesse A Cappellas. Heads know the deal with this record, with 4 joints from, Funky Technician, on Side A and 4 joints from, Return Of The Funky Man, on Side B. Limited to 250 copies pressed on 180 gram vinyl.