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Lord Finesse - The SP1200 Project: A Re-Awakening (CD)


The Expanded Edition CD of The SP1200 Project: A Re-Awakening contains an incredible 9 bonus tracks of Lord Finesse Production not found on the original 2014 2xLP vinyl release.

All the tracks from this album have been taken from the original floppy disks of unused early 90’s beats. Lord Finesse transferred sequenced the tracks using an E-mu Systems SP1200 and Akai S950, which were mixed by Eddie Sancho and mastered by Tony Dawsey to give them that authentic and classic boom bap sound.


Electric Impression

Hear The Vibes

Cool Ensemble*

Cinematic Soul

Get Down

Hand It Over

Galactic Soul*

Check Mate

Twilight Soul*

Moog Montage

Street Theme

Midas Era*

Gothic Thoughts

Crime Square*

Abstrakt Neo Synopsis*

Urban Exploitation

Master Ya High*

Timez Is Hard*

*: Bonus Track