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Lorenzo Senni - The Shape of RemixXxes to Come (12")

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Italian electronic artist and sound composer Lorenzo Senni is set to release a two track remix 12" for his essential trance-indebted classic XAllegroX on Warp Records. Having founded the respected experimental label Presto!? and crafted some of the most unique dance music of the last decade, Lorenzo's latest release showcases his sound reworked by Presto!? labelmates and friends; masked Detroit mainstay DJ Stingray and acclaimed German sound experimentalist Hecker.

Originally released on Warp in September 2017, XAllegroX / The Shape Of Trance To Come saw Lorenzo serve up two of his most distinctive deconstructions and augmentations of 90s trance archetypes, championed by Aphex Twin, Dixon, Pete Tong and Pitchfork.

With each remixer revered in their own lane, the new 12" sees DJ Stingray (Tresor, Clone, Diagonal Records), turn in a ominous offering built to scald the biggest rooms and the sweatiest basements - stripping back the original with a blown out bassline darkening and disrupting the bright-lit synths that reach endlessly upwards. Whilst Florian Hecker (Editions Mego, PAN, Rephlex) subverts the euphoria by driving it to its inevitable melancholic endpoint, relentless repetition without resolve transfigures the sound into a skeletal remnant of its original state.

XAllegroX (DJ Stingray’s Molto Allegro Mix)

XAllegroX (Hecker Scattering.m Sequence)

The Shape Of Trance To Come (Tale Of Us Remix)