Track List

Make Me Dance (feat. Kush Jones & Scatta)

Born Dis Way (feat. Kush Jones & Scatta)

Point 'Em Out - Los

Maku (feat. Kush Jones)

Singers Unltd (feat. Kush Jones)

Azusa (feat. Traxman)

Henno In Hand - Swisha

Hol' Uh

Creation BANG (feat. Kush Jones & Scatta)

Burn It Up

Bling Blaow (feat. Kush Jones & Scatta)

U Wuz Right (I Wuz Wrong)

JBW 2K16 (feat. Scatta)

Cold As Ice (feat. Sonic D, Kush Jones & Scatta)

Los & Swisha - JBW 2K16 (Cassette)
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Record Label: Dome Of Doom

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Limited edition run of 200 High-Bias cassette tape. Solid orange tape w/ black ink.

"We would like to thank: our families, friends, Juke Bounce Werk, DJ Rashad, Teklife, Regent Street, Lovelisa, Beatmatchpapi, Tony Camaro, and all of the supporters! "