Track List

Split 5

Boxed People

A Green Painted Garden (ft. Tom Broshuis)

The Lost Kult

The World Has To End


Without You (ft. Kevin Stunnenberg)

Elka Village

PCM at Night

There are Moments (ft. Wende) (Bonustrack)

LudoWic - Elka Village (LP - Red Vinyl)
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Record Label: Black Screen Records

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Release Date: 5/5/2017
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Armed with impressive analogue hardware synths, drumming machines and noise boxes, the Dutch electro artist ludoWic is poking and prodding around in the dirt of electronic music. The gritty, noisy and dark electro music emerging from the cracks in the dirt is a sound that only few others can match. ludoWic (real name: Thijs Lodewijk) released his debut album, “A Blinding Light Moment” in late 2015 on Wic Recordings. “A Blinding Light Moment” describes the exact moment that visual elements and music fit each other so perfectly, you get blinded for a split second. A year later, the analogue virtuoso released “Dream Content”, an EP about the eerie phenomenon that we call dreams.

ludoWic frequently releases live jam’s and music videos on his popular Youtube channel, showcasing his extraordinary analogue equipment and talent. He rapidly started gaining a tight-knit following in his home country The Netherlands as well as the rest of the world. In addition to his own music, ludoWic writes and produces for and with others. One of his latest collaborations is with Akiisoft/Adult Swim Games, for which he provided the soundtrack to the indie game Katana Zero.

He is set to release his second album “Elka Village” on the April 21st. The co-release between Wic Recordings and the German record label Black Screen Records will be available on CD, digital download and an exclusive limited edition vinyl. For making this album ludoWic has sought its own “Elka Village”. He locked himself in a Dutch chapel for a week. In this peace and seclusion ludoWic largely wrote, produced and recorded the album himself, accompanies analog, vintage modular synths, drum machines and lots of other gear. ludoWic says to the theme of the album: “The need to occasionally move your thoughts to a miniature village, and lead a double life in there to escape reality, was the inspiration for writing this album.“

Three times there were guests in the chapel to write and record a track with ludoWic. The first guest was Kevin Stunnenberg from The Cinema Escape and frontman of the famous Dutch rock band Birth Of Joy. The second guest was Tom Broshuis, guitarist from the band Mister and Mississippi. The last guest was the artist/singer Wende. She sells out venues at this time with her new show #Mens.