Track List

Go! (Feat. Mai Lan)

Altered Love

Go! (Feat. Mai Lan) [Animal Collective/Deakin Remix]

Go! (Feat. Mai Lan) [8-Bit Video Game Version]

M83 - Go! (12" - Blue Vinyl)
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Record Label: Mute

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Features unreleased track, cosmic dub remix from Deakin (Animal Collective) and an unreleased 8-Bit version.

“Go!,” the latest single from symphonic-indie-electronic-dream pop powerhouse, M83, seems at first like a characteristically “epic” M83 song. Taken from 2016’s Junk, it opens with breathy vocals from French singer Mai Lan and lyrics that suggests romantic situations that teenagers always seem to find themselves in.

Then, out of nowehere, Steve Vai bursts through to play a guitar solo made of glowsticks. Wait, Steve Vai? The legendary virtuoso guitar hero who defined an era? Correct. The mood of the song flips entirely, as his solo becomes the colorfully explosive conclusion at the end of a perfunctory night of fireworks. It feels complete; it feels epic.

“Go!“ is available as a limited edition blue 12” vinyl, alongside the original single, a tender unreleased ballad called “Altered Love,” the recently released cosmic dub remix of the title track by Animal Collective’s Deakin, and an unreleased 8-bit version of “Go!”.