Stones Throw

Madvillain - Madvillainy Instrumentals (2xLP)

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Just a couple weeks back the folks at Ego Trip interviewed Stones Throw's Jeff Jank about the sleeve for Doom & Madlib's Madvillainy, but here's the lesser known brother cover: Madvillainy Instrumentals.  

“Lesser known” largely due to the fact that we never got around to printing it for the LP sleeve until right now. The first week of 2012 Madvillainy Instrumentals with the picture sleeve makes its debut stores.

Accordian (Instrumental)

Meat Grinder (Instrumental)

Raid (Instrumental)

America's Most Blunted (Instrumental)

Rainbows (Instrumental)

Curls (Instrumental)

Money Folder (Instrumental)

Shadows of Tomorrow (Instrumental)

Operation Lifesaver (Instrumental)

Figaro (Instrumental)

Hardcore Hustle (Instrumental)

Strange Ways (Instrumental)

Fancy Clown (Instrumental)

Eye (Instrumental)

All Caps (Instrumental)

Great Day (Instrumental)

Rhinestone Cowboy (Instrumental)