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Malik Abdul-Rahmaan - Field Research Malaysia (Cassette)


Field Research Malaysia is the creative output after Brooklyn based producer Malik Abdul-Rahmaan went on a digging trip to Malaysia. He looked for record stores as well as local sellers and collectors in the country, resulting in buying over 100 albums–ranging from local folk music to Bollywood to Asian funk, disco and rock.

Flight To Malaysia

Up Above The Clouds

Kampung Baru Stroll

Thinking Of Buda [Sick Team]

Bangsar Nites

Sidestreets + Streetlights

Five-O Lurk

Building With Fitz

Faraway Lands

Love Scene

The Moon and The Star

Elephant Stomp

Jalan Kapitan Keling

Leery Eyes

Little India

Boats Off Pulau Pinang

Mahdar’s Revenge

A Touch of Color

Meet Me At The Teastand

Shots For Joe

X+Y = Love


Street Food

Sherifah’s Theme

On The Breaks

Boat To Langkaw

Salaamms To Ahmad

Funky Bangsar

Chinatown Radio

Heavy Mentals [For Arno]

Uncle Ang’s Gadget Shop

Rain Showers [Departure]