Track List


Engwish Bwudd

Banana Ghost

Young Einstein On The Beach

Skin Tension

Black Mission Goggles

Hot Bat

Push The Eagles Stomach

Spider Cider

Van Helsing Boombox

Tunneling Through The Guy

Fishstick Gumbo

Ice Dogs

Man Man - Six Demon Bag (LP)
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Record Label: Ace Fu Records

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Limited to 1600 copies, this Record Store Day release marks the first time Six Demon Bag has ever been available on 12" LP vinyl.

Originally released in 2006 on an extremely limited double 10”, this exclusive RSD release will mark the 10 year anniversary of Six Demon Bag, the sophomore effort from Philadelphia cult band Man Man. A decade ago, the album was released to critical acclaim and successful sales and still remains extremely popular and influential record to this day. This will be the album's first time available as a 12" LP.