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Median - The Sender (CD)

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 ‘To sum everything up, it’s really great to see Median back with a project that appears to be well planned out. Median’s flow is solid, the production is solid and the features a solid--all things that are kind of rare in the musical days of our lives. ‘’ - for Rawe Mag

Median was raised in Wilmington, NC. Born in Queens NYC the same year as the birth of hip-hop (1979), the music, cul- ture, and overall atmosphere has always had presence and influence in his life. In high school, among other things, Me- dian was known for his witty freestyles and beatboxing. After entering North Carolina State University in 1997, Median met with like-minded emcees and producers. They formed the crew The Justus League in 1999. They gained a local following as well as national and international attention via internet. In 2005 Median released the critically acclaimed EP titled “The Path to

Take A Chance

Bright Individual

Open My Thoughts

Turn Ya On

Crazy Visions

Okie Dokers

Fresh Breath


Right On

Hi Five


Kiss The Sky

The Sender