Track List

Just What I Need


Come Away

Release Me

The Fool Who Wonders

Out In The Canyon

Golden Child Honey Child

Everybody’s Been Burned Before

One More Time


Shake Your TambourineX

Miles Tackett - The Fool Who Wonders (CD)
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Record Label: Rootdown L.A. Records

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Miles Tackett, founder, producer & multi instrumentalist of the Breakestra picked up his original instrument, electric guitar, stepped in front of the microphone & recorded a new album stretching into psychedelic rock ‘n soul territory. Recorded on 8 track analog tape for warm, vintage & dirty sounds at his New Tilt studio in Highland Park, California.

The new record features a psychedelic soul version of a deep in the cut David Crosby-era-Byrds song “Everybody’s Been Burned” with Miles on all instruments.