Ruby Yacht/The Order Label

milo. - things that happen at day // things that happen at night (LP)


Two seminal releases from milo, originally only available on cassette, now pressed together on 12" vinyl courteous of Ruby Yacht and The Order Label.

"things that happen at day // things that happen at night is a double-EP exploring duality and responsibility. it is unavoidably obtuse, overwhelmingly self-important and I am not sorry." - milo.

Sweet Chin Music (The Fisher King's Anthem)

Almost Cut My Hair (for Crosby)


Legends of the Hidden Temple

Almond Milk Paradise (feat. Safari Al)

Kenosha, WI

A Lazy Coon's Obiter Dictum

The Gus Haynes Cribbage League (feat. Busdriver)


Folk-Metaphysics, 2nd ed.

Post Hoc Ergo Propter Hoc (for Schopenhauer)

The Otherground Pizza Party (feat. Open Mike Eagle)