Track List

Sine Wave

Take Me Somewhere Nice

O I Sleep

Dial: Revenge

You Don't Know Jesus

Robot Chant

2 Rights Make 1 Wrong

Secret Pint

Mogwai - Rock Action (LP)
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Record Label: PIAS Recordings

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The Glaswegian lads in Mogwai continue to tinker with their instrumental rock formula. Whereas Young Team featured the loud-soft dynamic gleaned from Velvet Underground and Come On Die Young copped Sonic Youth's moody experimentalism, Rock Action adds a dash of Yo La Tengo's hushed ambience and Flaming Lips' studio-savvy playfulness (no surprise there--Rock Action was produced by Lips collaborator and Mercury Rev-ster David Fridmann.) Despite quoting from such a heavy lineup of musical mischief makers, Mogwai craft their own sound, largely due to the melodic narratives they conjure up in the interplay between the three guitarists. With hardly a spoken whisper in the mix, they manage to create great moments of drama, tension, and resolution. "Take Me Somewhere Nice" is a meandering journey toward the promised land, "You Don't Know Jesus" wanders with mystical and loopy abandon, and "Secret Pint" thrums in stately glory. One of the great things about Mogwai is that they are still so damned young--if they continue to kick against the pricks of their own invention we'll be hearing much more inventive and wonderful music from them in years to come. --Tod Nelson