Moka Only - Concert For One Instrumentals (Cassette)

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Moka Only has released an instrumental version of his latest LP, Concert For One, via URBNET. Concert For One Instrumentals was released digitally on July 6th 2018 and as a limited edition vinyl on August 17th 2018. The self-produced record is packed with stand-alone characteristic beats, proving that the beats themselves have just as much story as the vocals.

“In this stage of my life there is much more reflection and contemplation, and I really feel that I was very open and unguarded on this album. As much as I love all the completed songs with the vocals, the beats on here hold enough detail to speak on their own.”

Concert Intro

Hi - Instrumental

UnU - Instrumental

Featuring Drake - Instrumental

Demoland - Instrumental

Replay - Instrumental

Just Some Vibes - Instrumental

Are You Happy Now - Instrumental

Snapshot - Instrumental

Right There - Instrumental

Egg Interlude

Not A Thing - Instrumental

I May - Instrumental

Green Bridge Interlude

Real Simple Real Mellow - Instrumental

Old Quirks Old Places - Instrumental

Real Late - Instrumental

Crinkle Jazz - Instrumental

The Stars - Instrumental

What Zone Now - Instrumental