Track List

Bad Guy (feat. Money Ray)

Good Life

Hardcore (feat. Dres)



Methadone Rap (feat. the Legion)

Bad Guy (Instrumental)

Good Life (Instrumental)

Hardcore (Instrumental)

Heist (Instrumental)

Jungle (Instrumental)

Methadone Rap (Instrumental)

Molecules & Showbiz - A Bronx Tale (EP - 12" Vinyl)
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Record Label: Legion Records

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Release Date: 5/19/17
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Includes instrumentals.

Molecules of The Legion once again teams up with Showbiz of D.I.T.C. for his debut EP "A Bronx Tale". While Showbiz handles production, Molecules administers vocals along with appearances from Dres (Black Sheep) and The Legion. Both Cules and Show deliver beats and rhymes as only Bronx natives could. They carry on the tradition of dropping gritty neck snapping tracks that was birthed some 40 something years ago in their home town. The Legion and D.I.T.C. have given us classics over the last few decades and this latest offering is sure to satisfy the craving of those looking for the real.