Mofunk Records

Moniquea - On Repeat (Digital)


Moniquea’s latest, On Repeat, takes its name for a reason. The modern funk songstress has put in work internationally, lending her signature vocal style to releases from Michele Manzo, Amadeo 85, Ivan Makvel, Sair, Throwbakk, & others. Now, MoFunk Records has bundled some of the highlights from these collaborations into a compilation album, along with
previously unheard songs and remixes by Mofak, Ghost, & XL Middleton.

From the street-savvy electro funk of the Amadeo 85-produced “Galaxy Dance'' to the moody downtempo shuffle of “Movin On” (prod. by Michele Manzo), Moniquea’s ability to glide over any soundscape becomes clear - whether you’re talking about a rough-edged modern boogie slap or an intergalactic invitation to meditate and relax. Mofak’s track for “Hate To See It” channels the frenetic energy of the former, while Ghost’s remix for “A Certain Way” takes cues from UK street soul and maintains a chill vibe with the tickbox sounds of 808 percussion and icy DX7 chords. XL Middleton’s remix for “Who Is That Girl” unexpectedly harkens to days of early garage house, nodding less at palm trees and gold daytons and more towards sweat-drenched nightclubs of a bygone era, their images likely obscured through VHS distortion