Track List

Art 9

Explosive Puppetry

False Flag

Black Box Matrix Death


The System Crumbles

Roots In Earth (Muladhara)

Waters Of Duality

Land Of Love / Star Grab

Analysis (DNA) Fire Passion

The Great Awakening

Spring Crossings

In the Air (Anahata)

Lucid Day Dreams

Vibration (Vishuddha)

The Minds Eye (Clarity & Vision)

Lets Take A Trip

Fire Works (Sahasrara)

1000 Pedaled Lotus (Awakened)

Mono/Poly - Paramatma (2xLP - Sky Blue/Opaque Peach Colored Vinyl)
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Record Label: Hit+Run

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Paramatma is the Supreme Soul, but in this case it’s the supreme sound. After two years of toiling, Mono/Poly debuted his first full-length release, Paramatma, on May 25, 2010. The album is a mix of dub-step beats, astral soundscapes, Eastern philosophy, Metaphysics, and politics. Paramatma has a range of sound that is as cohesive as it is open to experimentation, and the album is less individual tracks and more elements of a musical journey.