Cold Busted

Moodprint - Moodprint (LP + Stickers)


Cold Busted takes a step outside what one might expect from the label with a new self-titled release from Moodprint. Then again, it’s really nothing unusual from a label that’s never ever easy to pin. Taken in the context of beats with complex rhythms and samples derived from soul, funk, and the like, Moodprint fits right in; they just approach things from a more futuristic slant. An innovative crossover between electronic, hip-hop, bass, funk, and ambient sounds.

Made up of nine tracks, Moodprint’s eponymous album is syrupy. Bright melodies, heavily sweetened synths, well-sourced vocals, and no-stone-left-unturned rhythms make it a treat to digest. Opener “Storyboard” quickly sets the pace with a folk-like -- but totally electronic -- neuroticism. “Prophet” follows with intergalactic funk swagger, only hitting the brakes for dramatic effect. The subdued maturity showed on the elegant, future R&B / hip-hop cut “Flash” is a particularly shining moment for the release. “'96 JuKnow!” and “McElove” are bubbly and emphatically chord-heavy, tip-toeing towards the beloved early post-garage work of Mount Kimbie. By the end, an impression is made as Moodprint embraces and cements their name in sound.





Take Me 2


‘96 JuKnow!